A photo from volunteering in La Solidaridad, Granada, Nicaragua

Volunteers option in Central America

La Solidaridad is one of the less fortunate barrios in Granada which offers a great volunteering option close to the center of Granada, Nicaragua. Because of the wonderful location it's easy to combine a vacation in Granada with volunteer work and hereby get to know the Nicaraguan culture first hand. It is possible to study Spanish while volunteering in La Solidaridad. Read more about the volunteer work in La Solidaridad

La Solidaridad 5 years ago

In the place where La Solidaridad is today, was an area with a difficult situation. The iron-curtain houses and dirt roads were often flooded because of the placement near the lake Lago Cocibolca. The police would try to force them away from their homes from time to time, but because of the difficult housing situation in Granada they kept on squatting there despise these tragic conditions. Fortunately help was on the way and soon The birth of a barrio was started.

La Solidaridad today

Today it is a barrio with well built houses because of support from "La Casa de La mujer" in Granada who started a housing program in the area.

To keep the flooding under control they had to raise the ground level and they needed money for the materials. To buy one of the houses built, they had to pay 300 US$. this was about twice the cost of the materials, and the profit made it possible to built two another two houses.

In the end there was profit enough to built a few roads and La Casa Comunal, a communal house which makes lots of different activities possible. For example houses the building a Pre School and different classes for children as well as adults.

The Nicaraguan public school gives an unstable education to the children and the classes contain around 40 children. Because of the unstable school system the children have a lot of spare time, which can lead them to beg on the street or to crime. La Casa Comunal keeps the children of the streets with the help from volunteers.